These dogs are not in the care of Affenpinscher Rescue of America but they are affens in need and need our help. The owner/caretaker is in charge of their adoption/rehoming.



Roxie lives in southern New England with a family who rescued and fostered her about six years ago for a rescue organization.  They were “foster failures” and decided to keep her because she had “some issues.”  Roxie had spent most of her life in a crate with very little human interaction and if there was any, it was probably abusive.   She is now 10 years old, weighs about 9 lbs, is in good health, spayed, up to date on vaccinations and loves to cuddle.  She is also comfortable staying in her crate when needed and is reliable on commands such as come and sit.  Currently she lives in a neighborhood without sidewalks so she doesn’t go for many walks; however, when she does she walks nicely on a leash.  She has no experience with cats and seems to be okay around other dogs although she likes to get her way. 

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