Helping Owners Keep Affens in Loving Homes

Our M. A. D. Fund helps Affen owners facing the choice of compromising on care, giving up or euthanizing their cherished Affen because they are unable to afford unexpected expenses such as emergency medical care or costs of routine preventive care due their own personal illness or circumstances beyond their control.

The program’s initial funding came from a bequest from Mae Aspinall Dell who was a long time Affenpinscher fancier and supporter of Affenpinscher Rescue of America.  This program is named in her honor and memory.  

Because funds for this program are limited, applications are considered on an individual basis including but not limited to financial need and the veterinary procedures and care needed.  We will require that you provide documentation of your financial situation, information about your Affenpinscher’s needed medical care, your veterinarian’s contact information and your authorization to have your Affen’s medical history released to Affenpinscher Rescue of America.  If you  are in need of assistance please complete an application and submit it to Affenpinscher Rescue of America, or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Should you need help in providing food for your Affenpinscher, there are many organizations across the county which either individually or in partnership with other organizations supply dog food to their clients who need it for their pets.

 Possible resources

  • Generations WAG LIVE IT!  has a list of national and state pet food banks and pantries on their website
  • Love Your Pet Expo has a list of national, regional and local programs providing pet food assistance
  • Contact your closest humane society or animal shelter or animal services for pet food banks and pantries serving your local area
  • Search the internet for pet food banks and pantries in your state and/or  locality
  • Contact local human food banks to find out if they also provide pet food. Many food banks do or may be able to refer you to local food banks or pantries which do.