On Nov 7 2022, the Humane Society of Ventura County in Ojai, CA obtained a large group of Affenpinschers. Due to legal proceedings, these dogs were held there for more than a month before they could go to homes or be listed for adoption. Affenpinscher Rescue of America reached out to the shelter, and made a generous donation to assist in their care and well-being. Right before Christmas, the legal hold was lifted and the shelter was left with 11 dogs that needed vet care and placement. Again, Affenpinscher Rescue stepped in and helped. One of our officers drove out there and picked up the oldest and sickest 6 dogs out of the eleven dogs that were being housed there. These dogs are being evaluated and treated and will be listed soon on our website and Facebook page. A few other dogs were adopted by people Affen Rescue sent to the shelter.
As of this date, all that is left at the shelter are 3 healthy and well socialized boys, and a female recovering from her spay surgery. They really could use a good grooming, but they are receiving loving and good care. They are beautiful dogs under all that hair, and all are happy, playful and social and are highly adoptable. Several potential adoptees have told us that they are interested and are trying to arrange time to get to Ventura County. The shelter has told me they believe they will be placed easily, and this is a no-kill shelter. Although housing at a shelter is not ideal, I do believe it is not going to last too much longer, we are confident that these dogs will be rehomed through direct adoption from the shelter faster than if we were to pull them and put them in foster homes.
If you find yourself in the position to adopt one, please contact the shelter directly. Their information is at HSVC.org and please call before you make the trip to ensure that the dogs are still available.

Soon, ARA will be listing the dogs that we have in our possession that will be needing homes.